Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Salvation Army Wool Covers! :)

These are thee things I have made out of a nice $2 Merino wool cardigan from the Salvation Army find!

The wrap to the left is navy snaps and lined with the merino, but has a wool khaki skirt to help make it more "bulletproof" It is about a size nb or maybe a small...we will have to just check it out on Isaac when he arrives....please come quickly!!!! :) The snaps were a gift/trade from Jaye Jaye on my sewing diapers group...Thanks so much! They look great!

This is my first attempt to freehand some shorts to wear this summer for the babes. I hoped it would be the right size for Alex (19m) but I am thinking not now that I see them! :) I will have to see tomorrow when she wakes if I can even squeeze her in them w/o a fitted underneath! If not, the sizing will be perfect for a size small, which should be Isaac this summer. Anyways, it is from the two front panels of the cardigan, so the bottom of the shorts were already finished, and yes, those are real pockets on the side. Alex loves to put things in her pockets now that she has found them, so I was hoping she could wear these! She will probably end up putting things in her brother's pockets!! The top is not finished b/c I want to make sure the elastic will fit the right waist! :)

These are the sleeves of the sweater that I have made into longies for Alex. I am actually plan on making them into shorts since they are a nice light wool, great for the summer. I will add reinforcements with other wool scraps in the area that counts eventually. The top is, again, unfinished since I can't try it on the sleeping Alex! I should be able to get her to put them on tomorrow and put in the casing and elastic during nap time. Once that is done, I might try and find a cute top to match her new navy longies, and have her wear them out in public! Her other 2 longies are only for nights, but I would love to finally have a cute outfit that I MADE that she can wear in public without feeling shame!! :) I figure once the warm weather hits, I can just cut off the bottoms and make a cute little cuff at the legs and she will have her shorts! :)

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