Friday, September 24, 2010

Ottobre 01/08 Rose Dress

My Sweet Alex coming home from church in her Rose Dress from the Ottobre issue 01/08.

Michael Miller fabric from

The dress is longer then the pattern calls for, but our church is old school, not a leggins kinda church. Other then the
problem with the ribbon being crooked on one side
Dress pretty simple, zipper in back is horrible if you know those things, but luckily she moves to fast for anyone to notice. Binding at neckline is a Patty young fabric by michael miller that has same colors, but not same flowers, but I think it works.
First non pink thing in a while that I have done for her.....kinda sick of pink! Right now I am ready to do different. She has orange and black day on Tuesday next week, so I am planning on doing something for that...I have some tie dyed velour that is white orange and black. If nothing else, I will make her velour pants and mate then with a orange shirt I made this summer for her.
More to new post will be about my journey on that one....then the 2 shirts I made for Lilly in one night (they were already cut out...) and tonight I take a sewing break for some cleaning and then a night of scrapbooking and on to the orange and black...and the orange and blue space top that my 3 yr old Isaac has been hounding me about. Then finishing all the UFOs I have going on....and then on to halloween...or more church dresses....something like that. We only have 2 church dresses for Alex now, and some are too short....skinny and tall...errrrrr....not good ....fits a 3/4, but needs 5/6 for modesty! :) More to come..............

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ottobre 03/07 Girl Romper with changes for Lilly

A few changes....

Ottobre made it in a

woven, I did knit....from

I left off the frills of the sides and the pocket.

I gathered pocket and did a binding on a woven twill from also.

I have yet to add the buttons, to see what I can find. I might go with either plastic or open ring

metal snaps.

I have not finished the bottoms....because it is now finished and she is sound asleep.

Since this romper is actually made to be shorts, I lengthened it myself and don't know how close I came....

If they are a good length, I will do a rolled hem and do elastic thread shirring 2-3" deep at the bottom like in the new ottobre 04/10....I think it would look cute.

If they are too short, I will take some of that solid woven aqua twill and make cuffs. I will make them wide enough to make the pants a normal length--and gather the legs into he cuffs making a ballooning look....

Tight pants don't look good on her right now with her poofy, fluffy cloth diaper bottom, billowing pants are what looks best! Thanks for looking!