Friday, February 9, 2007

The Purple Wool LONGIES!

I know it is kinda dark, but here are my first longies, well, first ones that fit! :) I have since ditched the first effort, past saving!

Both longies are made from the same rich purple sweater, and only the first pict are made from the sleeves....and of course the first pict is the only one that actually fits right now. The other is MUCH TOO LONG, but if I am out of wool covers, she can wear them...just not long before bed. We can roll the cuffs, but they unroll so quickly since she is so active. I just can't stand to cut them off since she is going to be skinny with longer legs next they will be perfect!

I did actually felt this sweater slightly to begin with, but it didn't do much to it, so after I lanolized them, I just threw them in dryer and they are still fine. I hate to wait for air drying wool!!!
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