Monday, June 9, 2008

Sham Pocket Diaper

For right now, I am just putting up this jpeg for others to see...this is not my creation, but one from the Sewyourowndiapers group on Yahoo Groups. I am unsure who made the jpeg, but if you let me know, I will give her the credit due!

When I make it, I have a smaller front flap (in gray) and longer back (in pink) making the opening closer to the front.

I overlap the two fabric almost an inch, but when I use suedecloth, I add extra width to both parts of the inner fabric so there is more room to open and stuff. I don't actually do the curved edges for the overlap.

I love doing sham with the HHS as I can make the snaps hidden even when sewing the diaper and only putting snaps on at the end by doing the sham VERY far to the front. I have only done this with stretchy materials so far (microfleece/poly velour) but have a diaper waiting to be finished that will be with suedecloth, I hope it won't be too hard to stuff! :) Wait and see and I will post results!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mini Wetbag from Scraps

We were having a discussion on our sewing diapers group about wetbags, so I am sharing the way I make a few of them. This one is made from 3 scraps. In this picture, you can actually see all three scraps...there is a purple above the zipper that goes along to the back, the purple under the zipper and then the print PUL htat you can barely see at the bottom that connects the two purple pieces.

Here is the picture of the back of it.

I used the zippered wetbag tutorial in my link section to make it. The only difference is that instead of 1 long piece like she uses, I took 3 small pieces (scraps from diapers) and sewed them together to make one long one.

I know...there are 2 more seams for ,leaking, but really it isn't too bag....since I use these mini bags for my purse, I take them out of my purse within 5-6 hrs at the latest, and there hasn't been a leak issue yet.