Friday, February 9, 2007

Diaper Organization!!!

Today I went through all the diaper supplies and Sewing supplies I had and made a list of fabrics with no "specific" use in mind right now and projects that I need to work on. I have them all spread out on our formal couch right now. I have made a list of what I need to sew, if there is anything I need for that project and so forth. When Alex (my super cute 18 month old daughter) wakes up from her nap, I plan on going into Lowes and using up some of my GC from christmas to get some storage to organize the craziness on my couch! Those GC were to be used for an instant Hot Water Faucet, all christmas gifts, but we got one free from Jim's brother and SIL (Thanks Steve), but Jim used a ton of the GC for the supplies to get the thing hooked up. It is up and running, and Jim admits that it is a GREAT thing to have! He can have a coffee quickly anytime now...I think he has used it more than I have already! Anyways, once I get my sewing projects organized, I will have to organize how they will all fit into the front closet where I keep my sewing supplies! Maybe once I complete that I will post a picture to prove I got it done!

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