Thursday, February 22, 2007

Big Girl!

Yesterday my mom came over and helped me clean and sort baby clothes to get ready for the new life and well, just life in general. We got so much accomplished! Anyways, Mom invited Alex to go to the potty with her, and low and behold she sat on her potty and did pee!

I have been inviting her to try if she wants whenever I go now. She did leave some, about the size of a quarter. A few times she didn't want to sit there more than a second, but at least she is willing to sit on it now!

After three full days of missing Daddy is starting to show. She just kept wanting to come down out of bed and looking around the house.

She is finally down and quiet, so I hope I am able to get my scraping done during my fav shows...survivor and Grays! I have got the paper and am ready to attach. I figure I will get al that done and then add the embellishemnts and journaling and stamping and titles at a different time. Less things to do at once....or should I say, less things to drag out at once!

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