Sunday, March 11, 2007

Had to add this Picture

These pictures are of Daddy with an unhappy Alex. She is showing what we call the "Carmean frown"--This is Jim's mother's mother's maiden name. She does this OFTEN. She is not as deeply into the frown as if you try to take a cookie from her or ask her if she wants to go to bed....but is our best photo of it yet. This is also where the gap in the front two teeth comes from...the "carmean gap" that Jim also has. I think the only thing that Alex has from me so far is the shape of her eyes! Although Jim says she does whine just like I do.....but I don't whiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :)
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Finally OUTSIDE, our Sunday Walk

The weather was finally agreeable for the last few days here in N. Indiana and we all went outside to enjoy it after our nap! We really haven't had many belly shots....At least not since the beginning of the year. We have one from our waterpark adventure in the beginning of Jan, but that was 2.5 months ago, and I guess I have grown a little...well, hopefully, HE is growing the most! :)

Anyways, I digress....

We have been trying to make sure that Alex has a little connection to the baby and we often talk to the baby and kiss the baby as you see in this picture! We also dance together with the baby. I shake my belly side to side to the music and she will too!

Alex loves to walk on her own now and hates to be in the stroller for walks. My mom has decided we will need to get a lease for her....and since she is such an independent little snot...I might need to for the walks in town with just her, Isaac, and myself. Out in public places....maybe not. If Jim is around, then DEFINATELY NOT! If the two of us can't handle the two of them, I don't think we have any place being wherever we are at!

Just a plain old side shot to show the belly. Isaac is really low, and pretty much has been the whole time. I had a few weeks of pain on my lower abdomen a month or so ago, then it went away. But now, I think he has just gotten too heavy!! I can barely roll over in bed anymore because it hurts moving those muscles to get me moving!

Doesn't it look like he should be coming out soon???!!! I think so!

Today is exactly 2 weeks till his due date, which is the exact day Alex came early. So I am rather hopeful.....but of course that means he won't be here until after his due date...March 25. At least we know his deadline...We will have a baby by the 29th. My OB will be leaving on the 30th, so we have our deadline. I am completely okay with this....considering I want him out NOW!

Here is Alex on the BIG Girl Swing at our local elementary school. She usually LOVES to swing on her own, but today, she just wanted to get on, then off, then on another one, then on to the other one!!!

This is a pretty good picture of the wool longies that I made for her out of the sweater from Salvation Army.

If you want to see more pictures of our little outing check out the web album here!

We had a good time and are looking forward to the next few days which are supposed to be just as nice....and even into the 60s on Tuesday before leaving us again!
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Recent Stampin Up Creations

These are some cards I made for a class I gave to my Mom's Red Hat group....with the exception of the bunny card, I made that after the class in preparation for little "Isaac's" arrival...which is hopefully soon!

Supplies are all Stampin Up and are listed below:

Card: TREE
Paper: ivory, true thyme, buckaroo blue
Ink: buckaroo blue, black, versamark
Stamp sets: lovely as a tree, warmest regards, weathered
Accessories: true thyme stitched ribbon

Card: Pink Flower
Paper: Pixie Pink, Ivory, Gable Green
Ink: Pixie Pink, Versamark
Stamp sets: Heartfelt Thanks, Floral BG
Accessories: Pastels, Silver Cord and Brads

Card: Floral and Paisley
Paper: Almost Amethyst, white, black, apricot
Ink: white, black, almost Amethyst
Stamp sets:
Accessories: markers, holographic ep,

Card: Bunny
Paper: Black, white, cool carribean
Ink: cool carribean, black
Stamp sets: A new little someone
Accessories: White ribbon, pastels, watercolor brush