Monday, March 28, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog Applique Tshirt

Here is what I made for Isaac for his birthday. Boy gets so many wonderful great shape hand me downs that he is never in need, so I only make him something for his birthay...and this year he has been into Sonic the Hedgehog in a crazy way. I think he has gotten 4 games this year and one for the gameboy in addition. However, there is no great way to find Sonic I made him one!

First, I went online and found a picture that looked easy to copy. I found this picture where it was meant to teach how to draw sonic.

I printed out the picture, cut out the different color parts, white, black, blue parts.

I then used them as patterns to cut out the WONDER UNDER, (kinda like iron on double sided sticky tape for fabic).

Ironed the pieces onto the right color fabric, peeled off the back of the wonder under (now stuck to the correct colored fabric) and started to iron on the white and black parts onto the blue head, then ironed on the whole thing onto the front panel of the grey shirt I had cut out to make for him.

(the shirt was an ottobre pattern from the 06/09 issue for jammies but it fits him nicely and it was already traced out and ready to go.

Stablizer used for embroidery and appliques was put on the back and pinned on.

Sewed a tight zig zag around the outside of sonic, then changed color of threads, and did the whites and followed by the blacks.

Assembled the shirt and volia, Isaac's Sonic the Hedgehog shirt for his birthday.

I started making the sonic part while the kids were doing crafts (baby in nap), then did all the outline sewing and putting together the shirt after kids were in bed. One day project. Although, the shirt fabric had been cut out (waiting and waiting for me to make something!!!) I was late on it. I made it ON his birthday, and he wore it the next day at school.

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Cindy said...

I love the Sonic applique! You did a fantastic job on it and I'm sure he'll love it!