Sunday, February 27, 2011

1/11 Ottobre harem pants

European Size 80 using Michael Miller /patty young aqua interlock knit.

I made this for Lilly to match the purple fleece top she is pictured in.

Of course all the other kids had to get into the picture...and it made Lilly happy and willing to pose, so I used them.

Observations on pattern:
I believe the name of these pants are Acrobatics. The waist is too loose....but that might be the type of knit that I used. Lilly is perfectly sized at the 80 by measurements..all of them, but the length of the pants is *almost* too short. So if you are making them, make sure to measure your inseam so you are not left with MC hammer capris....

Although unusual, I do like them on my 19 month old. Not sure if I would try to do these for my 5 yr old, she might be too picky about the style.

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Cindy said...

The pants look cute on Lilly!