Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nails Done!!! So Pretty!

So, I have joined weight watchers and have been good all week and been working real hard to make this house stay clean and have done really well....


I treated myself to a gel nailpolish manicure from my fav hairstylist!

2.5 weeks ago, I attended an "nail party" by my stylist Jessica, but was only one of 3 who said they would show who did. So, she showed me her gel nailpolish on me for free.

I have bad nails, I used to bite, I bite my cuticles and it looks bad. My nails are brittle and crack and peel.

But the gel polish is hard and stayed great for 2 weeks without chips or any problems....just shows the grow out, which is nice.

It made me put on makeup, do my hair, take time for myself, join weight watchers. It made me want to look and feel nice. And all for I went back and got it done as a treat for trying to be good to myself.

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