Monday, February 1, 2010

Got something accomplished

Actually got a few things done....

other day I did my tracings of my ottobre patterns for my swap. still have a few more to do, but made a good dent.

I took my machine into be serviced....will have to do all my serging and coverstitching as much as possible so I can be ready when my basic machine comes back.

cleaned up my mess of a sewing area....and diaper fabric store storage area. Still have a little more to do to be efficient. But to be more efficient, I need to move out some things that are just laying about and not needed or being used...

so....I posted things to be rid of on DS--things I don't use, so great prices...and I have 2 already gone...well, pending as the $$ isn't in my account yet, but as quick as it was jumped on, I think it will be gone soon. Just need to get the prefolds gone and the diapers, then I will have a good size crate to put pkgs in that are waiting for their shipping payments for my store.

I did get all orders cut and weighted and ready to go when shipping is paid....

Not really tired yet, but should be as it is I think I will put the snaps on the romper that does fit Lilly. Looks good, just *almost* done. will post picture later...maybe with her in it!

Still have 2 or three things to finish and then I begin one project at a time...well, maybe two, but only because projects have different, I am making 3 bonnets for my SIL for her birthday....for her country deco for her home. But I can't always be working in my sewing area with the kids around, so I may be working on my cutting or tracing for my swap projects when kids are playing around in the main part of the house.

Okay, so off to do the snaps on the romper and also on Lilly's coat too...then I will have to post pictures too.

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