Friday, February 26, 2010

Olivia dress in owls and ottobre leggings in velour

Excuse the fat mama in the picture...didnt kow daddy was going to snap the picture. But Lilly looks so adorable in the picture that I had to post it!

Here you can see the leggings from the 06/08 Ottobre called "Lelle" I made them in size 74 for my 8month old....just didn't add a seam allowance. I am going to be sizing up soon. I am pretty sure that I am not going to make summer clothes till she stablizes in size or sumer is here!

The Owl interlock is from buytheyardandmore coop on yahoo. I love owls, so even though she was called a boy today, I don't care, I love them!
The dress is the Olivia from Farbermix. I traced it yesterday, cut it and sewed it all in one evening after she feel asleep at 10pm. Less then an hour for this dress!
It is size 1/2 and she will easily be wearing this all next winter with a new pair of leggings of course!

HMMM> what do I make next...someting to match the orange leggins before they are too small! :)

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