Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got more done!!! Love feeling accomplished! :)

So, here is Alex in a hilda/tilda 07 ottobre tunic, but no matching pants...did make those. As seen here...but they are not finished, wanted to wait till she could try them on before doing the waist and the hem.

Next I made the tunic from the 1/10 ottobre that has all the shirring--that is seen left, and that is size 74--12 month size...yep, looks like it is for mama...not baby. It has all the hems done and the only thing I need to do is to shirr it....but I want to practice first, as that is really cute fabric and I want to try it on cheap stuff first. I have some 2$ tinker flannel that I will make the same shirt in for Alex (this blue is for Lilly) and do my first shirring on it! :)

Now...the Cord pants here are the "goofy" tweed pants from 6/08 ottobre
I need to do the hem of the leg vents and then finish the bottom then they are finished. Few places there are "user errors" but I don't think it will be too noticeable. Making for my SWAP for Lilly's spring clothes. (not finishing them b/c I need to get a different machine out for it and it is 1AM right now...)

The last two pictures are of a top from the 4/09 ottobre the anome tunic, made out of an old shirt of mine and a clearance PJ pants with tinkerbell on it from walmart. Not sure ow the neck is gonna look. It has a bit of starch on it , so it might lay better after washing....Or I hope so at least. Goodness, I hope I can figure out the binder attachment for my coverstitch machine when it comes b/c I NEED the help for sure! The pants do look wonky, that is b/c I just sewed. No pattern... I had the fabric and just sewed. I will fix it once I put them on her and see what it looks like. If they look like pants, then she can wear as is, if they are looking more like leggins and the shirt is too short for it (she is long torso-ed), then I will have to make another piece to go with it to hide her bottom. I do have a green w/ white sm polka dot pincord fabric that is from chez ami that I *think* is a match with Tinker's dress. If it is, I will try out that new skirt in the 1/10 ottobre. One of the few skirts that I will make and allow my little crazy to wear....she has no concept of how to "be a lady" she is a bit of a tomboy 4.5yr old....but she loves this might work. When something is ACTUALLY Finished I will post more, but I feel very good. Before the Colts win the superbowl tomorrow night, I will have at least 3 of the 4 above projects finished....and I am sure I will have started another one or two! :)

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