Tuesday, June 21, 2011

SO long since my posting!! Lilly's Romper from Ottobre 3/11

It has really be long since my last posting. Not that I haven't been creating....just not posting!

I have made several things for the girls and I am not even sure that I have taken pictures of them all! Here is the latest. The Sea Shell Romper from the 3/11 Ottobre. I left off the pockets due to the busy nature of the fabric and only had enough rickrack for the bodice and not around the legs. This was the first time that I had ever put on rickrack and glad that I decided to....it wasn't that hard, actually kinda easy. And it really makes it look so much nicer! Kinda professional!

I haven't been making cards. That is on my list to, but I have been makng clothes for the girls since their summer clothes have been limited. I also have been making scrapbook pages. I am super far behind on scrapping! I have not finished my 4yr old's first year of scrapping! Boy am I behind. Bt little by little, I will get the past done....and eventually catch up on the more current stuff.

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