Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sewing DAY!!!

First off I thought I needed to make Alexandra an Easter dress. She has NO clothes right now. I think the clothes that I have made for her makeup the majority of her wardrobe. She had no dresses that were spring like. I grabbed a few fabrics and offered Alex her choice and she picked the blue and purple option. So, I grabbed the newest Ottobre the summer 3/11 issue that I got on Tuesday....I think. I traced the pattern called Tropical blend in european size 104 (all the while LIl in nap and ALex and Isaac outside playing.) and cut the fabric. Did the whole piping and did a rolled hem to keep the extra length....and be quicker of course. I did metal snaps at the shoulders instead of buttons.

Of course, my darling girl is not very modest, so I grabbed the 1/11 ottobre issue and traced off the cinnamon leggins and cut those out of yellow cotton/lycra (yellow in centers of the flowers on the dress) in size 104, length of the 110. I made cuffs for the waist and the legs to be faster and not have to break out the coverstitch (more b/c I didn't want to change the threads!).

So....Lilly wakes up and the Easter outfit is completed. We make dinner from the leftover chili from Fridays lunch.....and I thread the serger tails back into the seams while waiting for Lilly and Isaac to finish eating before we had dessert....all done.

BUT....the sewing bug bit me hard...and I cut out the Cocos ruffle skirt pattern from the 1/11 ottobre and take some chez ami stretch twill and I got all done with that skirt except the waist ...waiting for some elastic once I can try it on Alex. See the almost adorable skirt below

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