Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sewing done...a walk down memory lane

Last Sunday we went to my parents' house to help out with computer/new phone issues and I spent some time with my little girls down in the basement play area. I went through the dolly clothes and found myself reliving feelings and memories of childhood. I recently lost my sister a few months ago and I had spent much time playing dolls with her, so this was a nice way to remember her.

However, I found several clothes in disrepair. So, I bagged them up and brought them home. Yes, my husband looked at me like I am crazy. But only a little, Jim! I always have a ton of projects cluttering up my backroom/craftroom because I have the greatest of intentions, but not the best follow through.

But, I finally did the several small fixes that needed to be done in both the childrens' clothes and the dolly too! (children clothes fixes in next post...once i get my kindergartener to model for them!)

This doll was made by my Grandma Grace who passed away 11 years ago on Valentines day. I found the hat on Sunday and the elastic was all stretched out, so I put on new elastic and her hat is good as new. I keep this doll on my rocking chair cuddled up in a blanket that my sister made me. It was probably the only thing I have every been given by her, so it the blanket has significant value to me.

Next is Naked Doll....who my littlest at 18months loves...but she never has clothes. I found this wonderful rose flannel dress from childhood with a ton of ripped seams. I fixed the ripped seams, added some snaps at the back instead of the one small button. Now naked doll is not so naked, she is kinda cute.

Apparently my grandma or mother didn't make this, but might have come with my sister to my parent's house when they adopted her. Seeing as it is our shared history, I have claimed it as mine.

And finally, I have the Lilly's (18month) newest doll. Baby Alive. She is never naked, but now she has a new stylish outfit. Added new snaps at the back and fixed the ribbons on the hat, which were fraying at the ends in an out of control way.

Now I have gotten 6 unfinished projects done.....and ony a million left...

I think I see my grandmother looking down at mme with kind approving eyes, glad to see that some of her effort in sewing had paid off and that I have become a domestic "diva" of sort. My sister, I suspect, would be smirking a little, surprised to have seen her little sister turning into such a domestic! I was always heavy into sports, then very into my educational pursuits. Sewing was not even on the horizon....but not only do I sew the diapers for all my babies, started sewing their clothes, started sewing my own (not to wear in public yet, but hoping I get there!) and repairing items for family, friends and now my memories! Hope my girls enjoy the items that I have saved for them. Should I ever catch up on all the items I want to make, need to do and the such, I would like to make them some baby clothes for their dolls they have them for their own memories of me and their dollies when they are all grown up.

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