Monday, January 3, 2011

Accomplishments!! Finishing the Unfinished!

Today my kids are still on Christmas break due to a (ill timed) staff records day and they are playing nicely (unusual) and not getting into trouble, so I have been able to finish a few unfinished projects. I also might be able to get more done since my husband has the day off for newyears today...maybe. although it is past noon and he hasn't actually taken charge of them officially. :)

I fixed a rip in my uncles jacket..finally...after about 6months! :) hehe, just not a person who does things that "have to" be done. I do what I am inspired to do.

I finished my dd#1's jammie pants. I got the top and pants done without a waistband. But she insisted on keeping it on when I asked her to check out the sizing on it. (I made an Ottobre in size 92/98, but pant length of a 104 and arms of 104, and torso length of a 110) Worked out well, but she refused to take it off. pants had enough lycra in them to stay up, so it stayed for a few days till I grabbed them out of the wash today to finish them before she could steal them away again.

I finished the Ottbre Sunday shirt from the 06/09 issue. It was made from a Michael Miller fabric designed by Patty Young which I got from on super sale to match a pair of cute grey cords given to her from her aunt who found them as a deal at a garage sale this year....but no matching top was found, so I made it.

I wanted it to be a christmas present, but I didn't get it finished since I was stumped on the collar. Figured it out and finished that a few days ago, tried to put on buttons, but something was messing with my buton holer, so I put on metal snaps and did the hem today. I hope she will wear it for me today so I can add pictures to this post! :)

Now I am working on an apron for my MIL I started it last christmas. Then I was gonna give it to her for her birthday in Nov, but my sister passed away in flordia at 40 and it really screwed up my life for a few months. Life is starting to normalize and I am finding I am smiling more and interested in doing things other then sleep!

Well, I have done the pockets and flounce on it, but need to ask my DH which side of it he would like for it to be the front (double sided)....then I will be able to go forward and finish attaching the flounce and pockets and see if I might venture to start the binding tape that is around the whole thing....and I don't have alot of experience with wovens...and very limited on the binding! Hope it goes well.

AFter the apron, I only have 2 unfinished projects to complete.

1. tunic and underdress for me that is half done.
2. Grey shirt for my 3yr old boy that I want to embroider on that is cut out (ottobre raglan knit)

After my unfinished is done I will be making at least 3 sets of jammies for my oldest dd as she is growing out of all her jammies that others have gotten for gifts for her....she has 2 that fit now!

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