Tuesday, March 16, 2010

2 Ottobre 06/09 puolukka velour bodysuits for Lilly

Here is the stash of fabric I got from FashionFabricsClub.com

All were under 3.00 and even with some white interock being over the 3.00 mark and shipping, they evened out at under 3.50/yd...pretty good!

Here is the 2 body suits that need snaps yet... the "Puolukka" bodysuits from Ottobre 06/09 and I hope they fit over lilly's head...neck seems small..but I followed the pattern!

A few lessons learned about the coverstitch binder I used as seen below!

Here is the Velour bound binding that looks fine, but I placed the binder to far to the right and it didn't catch the raw edge with the needle on the right side of the fabric...oops, at least it isn't a woven and will ravel, and, well it will be right between her legs, not showing!

One side done right! Yea for me!

OOPS, on this one I accidently put the binding on upside down or on the wrong side...again, at least it isn't visible when wearing! :)

Few lessons learned...next time>I WILL have perfect binding!!!
Hope they fit, but it is too late to wake her up and try it on her tonight....and it doesn't match the green outfit I have slated for her to wear to morrow--but I might have to try it on her anyways! Pictures to follow! :)

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