Friday, October 16, 2009

Some finished Ottobre stuff-and one great one!

Here is my Jamine Jumper that I made from a free pattern on the diaper sewing divas website. Bonnie made this and it is a 0-3 that I sized up to try out on Lilly...but she is asleep, so I will leave her be and will try it tomorrow! It is a purchaseable pattern from nb-12m on her fishsticks website...just google it! she has several patterns and I just purchased this one and one other...I know how easy this one was, so I figure it is a good buy.
This is my first try at an ottobe shirt that I posted about eariler. I tried to size it up to a 4 T and wasn't great at it. The neckline is bad, but it is fine for the pjs they have become. But she won't wear it to bed until I make pants to that is on the list to do!

And here is the worst item I have sewn yet...okay, so I haven't sewn many things, but this is bad. :) I tried to take a pattern for a shorts type romper to long sleeve/long pants and they ended up being uneven...then I misread the instructions on how to make ribbed binding and stretched it ended up making the front all wonky...but overall a great learning experience! Plus, she can still wear them as pjs to bed. Screw ups always end up as pjs! :)

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