Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ladybug Raglan Tee and Romper for Lilly and Alex from Ottobre

So, I had a subscription to the Findland Ottobre Magazine and I am finally making something from it, actually two things. Below it is the first that I am making for Alex out of blue ladybug fabric. the info is all here that you more.

This is the Romper I am making out of the same fabric but making long sleeves and pants for Lilly.

This is half of one of 6 pattern sheets--crazy I know! Tracing it is a super crazy and I am sure everything I make will end up wonky cause of my poor tracing, but we will just have to see. I guess that in order to put 30-35 patterns in 6 pages, you have to have it this way!

SO>>>> this is why I am watching Survivor with a seam ripper...I attached the ribbing edging to the romper, then sewed a seam down before wrapping the edging around before sewing it down on the outside, securing on the inside at the same time. Anyways....I sewed it WAY too wide and the second picture, you can see there is not enough ribbing to go around the edge. So, Seam rip and redo....hope I can get it done and resewn during comercials!

Here is the romper for LIlly, no sleeves on it, the right leg is rolled up so I know how long to make it as I tried it on her this afternoon to figure it all out....hope it works--and SHE will wear it for sure...she has no choice! :)
Here is the raglan top for Alex, I need to finish the neckribbing and then connect the sleeves and sides, and finish the wrists. Hopefully she will like it and will be willing to wear it so I can have a picture of it! :)

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