Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I got something done YEA!!

Actually, I got two things done so far this evening and plan on getting a 3rd finished while unwinding for bed....which I should have been in 1 hr ago! :) oops!

I finished a MT or Mei Tai infant/toddler carrier.... I had this bad boy started over a year ago and never finished it....but I did tonight. Finally...which is good because Lilly now has better head support and I would love to start her in on it. I like it the best for around the house...doing chores, cleaning and running after my other 2 rugrats.

I will get a picture of us in it tomorrow as I am getting some help from my neice...a 14 almost 15yr old who is bored out of her mind right now waiting for school to start! :)

I also got a pillowcase dress type shirt finished for my little 4yr old. It is a Dora the explorer purple fabric and purple ribbon straps. I love it and hope it looks nice on her. I hope she wants to wear it. Maybe if she actually likes it I will get other fabric for her and make more things for her. Can't guarentee she will model it for me, but will try.

Now I am off to finish putting the latest photos of Lilly into scrapbook pages...not in a book, b/c I don't have an actual book for her yet, but I have many of the pages finished. Once I finish that, it will be a 3rd off my to do list.

Oh...and I think I will go straight to my jewery box right now and put my wedding rings back on...5 weeks after I have deflated from having a baby and I still keep forgetting to go put that darn thing on! :) Glad it will fit now....but I do still have a few more pounds to get off...I might start to try running/walking in the mornings before anyone wakes...but of couse I need to get my lazy bum out of bed thought!

Good to post tomorrow!

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