Saturday, August 1, 2009

Angie's Free Cloth Diaper Pattern Nb-Lg

These patterns are JUST patterns with no instructions, no elastic markings and only approximated the snap and hook/loop placements. I am making posts on this blog with instructions.

These patterns have two drawn lines--a trimmer line at the crotch for day diapers, a wider line for night pocket diapers or covers.

At the back of the diapers there are two lines drawn, one for a front snapping and one for a side snapping.

This is a trim, nice fitting diaper on my kids and a few testers. I did not do a very intensive testing, but would love to hear any feedback on these, especially on the newborn and small sizes. I feel those two sizes are off some, but I do love my side snap that I made as a tester on my now 4 week old. I need to get some pictures of her in it. She is abou 10lbs and fits in it in nicely.

Newborn pattern 1
Newborn pattern 2

Small Pattern 1
Small Pattern 2

Medium 1
Medium 2
Medium 3

Large 1
Large 2
Large 3


Anonymous said...

what tool did you use to attach the snaps? WOndering if you think they they will withstand lots of use.

Angie Price said...

I used KAM snap press as seen here
I got it from a lady who lives in China and sells snaps and presses and the such from a yahoo group called Notion Supply, her name is Serena and you get the best prices there! Snaps hold up GREAT!! My PUL breaks down before snaps do! Never had a problem with snaps lasting through 3 kids worth of use!!

Lynn Nasir said...

hello from Malaysia,

thanks for the diaper patterns, can't wait to try it out :)

Irma Erenda said...

hello, thank you very much for the contribution, really helped me a lot, but I want to know if the link of large 3 is the same as the medium 3 or is wrong?

thanks a lot