Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unfinished Business.... I am finally working on my "unfinished business". I made a list of all the items that I have started and not finished...and it was LONG...

So, off I went today to

get some of the items off of my list.

So first on my pile and list was the BEAUTIFUL Mei Tai which is pictured above. I have had this MT partly started for OVER 1 year. Felt VERY good to finish I am off to sell it. :) My kids are both too active to anymore to be in them....once my babe showed in the pictures could see, he wanted no part of being confined! Still doesn't want to as you can see from Mr Active!

The adorable cloth diaper he is wearing is a fitted I serged, and it is recycled from Daddy's old jean shorts that are too small. :) But I made 3 diapers from the jeans shorts but had to "stretch" the fabric and decided to use some fleece leftovers to make a cute diaper that daddy would love to see when the Colts are playing. I love the way it come out...but really, I didn't make it today, but in the last week. It is made from my own personal pattern.

The Wool longies are recycled from a sweater I found at the Salvation Army for 2-3$. I actually used a yoga pants pattern developed for my own kids based on a pattern tutorial developed by another mama. I have a post on here that has the directions on how to make your own pattern for yoga pants based on YOUR child's measurements too. LOVE how they look.

I did actually use up some old Joanne's microfleece that I have had lying around 4EVER! I made 2 pair of the yoga pants for my 2 kids out of it. BUT, we had an explosion of poo in one pair and then the other child walked through it and got some on the bottom hem of they HAD to go! :) I will wash those up tomorrow and then get them in them and take pictures of those to post. I am very happy with the results. far as unfinished business goes...

2 microfleece yoga pants

1 MT

1 wool longie yoga pants

Pretty good start if I do say so myself.... :) Now to decide on what to work on next.

I do actually have a "business" to do list, tutorials, sewing directions, diapers to sew for testing, web design and SO many other things...

But I have decided to work with my personal pile first, then finish my business sewing pile, THEN I will actually turn in the sewing machines to be serviced and I will then HAVE to actually work on my scrapbooking that is so far behind...another HUGE started and unfinished project. OH....I wish that I could just do one thing at a time. All that unfinished business. Maybe we will win powerball lottery tonight and have 101 million and not have to worry about having the time to do all the things I want to! (don't worry, we are not big players, we only use change and only buy one ticket when it is a HUGE payout.... :)

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Kim Luttringer said...

Love the Colts diaper!! I have plans to make a few for my ds, and I'm copying an idea I found on Hyena cart- the inside is going to be fleece....Patriots Fleece!! Now if we can get our babies to wear them on game day- we may actually win one! Super cute