Sunday, August 31, 2008

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns, Purchased Cloth Diaper Patterns

Patterns for Sale:

Very Baby--Print AIO, Fitted, 2 cover styles --11$

Darling Diaper--PDF Unlimited pattern (fitted, AIO, Covers, pockets), Training pants 12.50$

Chloe Toes--Print AIO/fitted/pocket 17$

New Conceptions--Print Poo Pockets, Diaper Covers Deluxe 13$

Little Comets Tails--Print Little Starter Cover/fitted/AIO, Little One Size cover/fitted/AIO, Crescent Moon yoga (diaper cover) pants, soaker/trainer $10 ea

Kayla's Cloth Kits--Print and PDF One Size, multi-size Fitted/AIO/Pocket 7.50$

FattyCakes--PDF fitted/AIO/Pocket 6$

Hippy Hippy Snap--PDF fitted/pocket 5$

Mile High Monkeys--Print Soaker/skirty, Soaker Pants 15$

Wired up Designs--Print Sweet Baby Soaker/skirty $12

Artistry Baby--PDF Diaper Cover and One Size Mini Diaper $6

CyndieGran's Patterns--Print fitteds and wool 8$

Mosaic Moon--Print one-size diaper 20$

La Dee Da--pdf pocket $8.50

Trimies--pocket PDF $8




Prefolds, Contours, & Flats

Trainers (though there is also a more detailed thread HERE.)

Tutorial sites (lots of styles in one site): -- side snap, tabbed, AIO, quick dry AIO, prefold, prefitted, plus diaper covers in fleece and PUL -- fitted, contour diaper with elastic, doublers, fleece AIO, fleece side snap cover...

Cyndiegran: -- mostly a tutorial on creating your own pattern and then sewing it, with a gallery of her pics.

VeryBaby Tutes (links in sidebar on the left) -- free tutes and patterns


brisnicki said...

Excellent collection - thanks!

Katidids said...

Wow, thanks for the list, we have a new one due in feb 09 that will be c/d from the start, thanks for collecting all this info!

Steph and Mitch T said...

Hi Angie, great blog!! I stumbled here somehow and can't wait to try making some longies using the instructions you posted.

Anyways, since the link for the Faux Fuzzis is no longer working on this-end-up, I uploaded them and added them to an old blog post that often gets hit by google so that people can still find access it. I thought you may like to link people there now: :)