Friday, August 20, 2010

Baby Jammies--Ottobre 4/04 Winter Issue

Long Sleeve Top and footed jammies bottoms.

I am clearing out my stash in random places and found a half yard of lt blue velour and since my 13m old darling was super cold when I brought her to my bed in the middle of the night to nurse, I figured she needed footed jammies to keep her warm.

She has no warm jammies--it is hot here in Indiana in Aug, but then I crank up the air in our room and she gets cold and doesn't keep on a blanket... blue velour it was. Had to make it the wrong way against the grain, so they are big. Since she wears disposible diapers at night, they will fit okay and do.

The small amount of the blue velour left I used to free hand a applique onto a long sleeve tee shirt for her to make them match. The neckline used a heavy matte FOE for diapers that was a miracle color match, but since it is so much heavier then the lycra blend cotton knit fabric top

Ottobre Barbara Ladies Top and knit skirt

Okay, so the skirt is unfinished, I will do i eventually. Notice the uneven hem...or bottom since it is raw...but enough room to fix still.

I like the Barbara top from the 2/10 ottobre women's issue, but with this cheap fabric that doesn't drape, it isn't the greatest. I will try to do it again with something nicer. I feel like I have a "uni boob" hehe... I am sure that I would like it more if I wasn't overweight....but I am working on that! :)

Oh...and Thanks to my 5 yr old for taking the picture! :) I was talking when she took it, so that is why my face is so wonky! :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting things done....

today I finally got some things finished....hemmed a pair of pants for just have to see if there are any tops to match it or I will have to make something for it! :)

I did a few more steps on the "Barbara" ladies top from the Ottobre Women issue 2/2010. I am almost finished, might be able to finish it tomorrow.

A visit to Walmart helped me get boxes (file type) to fill up for each kid with their "creations" through the years. A few boxes to contain Alex's Little Pet shop stuff....

Finally, we went to Hobby Lobby and got two things...a photo box and a frame for our family picture....which we have had since mother's day...yep, I am really behind. :)

The photo box is now filled with picures that are ready and identified by year/month so I can scrapbook. I am only half done with this project, but am started and when I have it all organized, it will be much easier for me to be able to scrapbook them all. If I am organized and can only do one topic at a time, I am more likely to get it I want to make sure that I have all the pictures I need for it. I still have to find a few pictures from my husband's sd cards and possibly his computer....but them I will have them all organized on the backup harddrive and will have them all uploaded and ready to buy from snapfish. I am thinking I will buy the all at once from snapfish considering that you get free shipping over $30 and I already have 200 in the cart and it is growing!

I belive that my DH already went and put the family picture into the frame....

For tomorrow--fill the boxes with kid stuff and try to get things hung on the wall. If I get those things done, a bunch of clutter will be gone and that is the goal!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some Sewing for Kids DONE!!

Okay, so really these are pretty old, by about a month, I just never got them off the camera and posted! :) finally getting some odd jobs done before school hits! Of course it is rather ironic though, seeing that as a stay at home mom with a first time Kindergardener and a 1st time preschooler, I will actually have more alone time to get things done (Lilly below is 1 and takes a morning nap!)

Okay, so lilly is sporting an Ottobre summer edition "toffee" top and "hennia" pants. Didn't go great, but I have had compliments on it and I guess it is decent.

Here is my crazy Kindergardener Alex(andra) sporting her mama made swimsuit...bound with FOE, material from (whom is now having a super sale....but I don't know if I am going to get any...ah....I don't need any, I don't need any!!!)
Both are Ottbre patterns, a tank and undies combo--but it worked! :)

And finally, I haven't left out my little man....Isaac--going to preschool for the first time next month....he is 3 and in love with super heros--so I made his Tshirt with Joanne fabric of BUzz lightyear and his shorts too....both from ottobre--"Ahoy" shorts and "snug fit" Tshirt--some summer issues. both in 92
I actually made myself a Tank Top and it looks great, but I need to wash it and get DH to take a picture of me in it before I post it! Off to try and get my Alex to help me make Banana Bread in the BREADMAKER....because here in Indiana, it is too hot and steamy to open up that oven!!! AHHH!