Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Getting things done....

today I finally got some things finished....hemmed a pair of pants for just have to see if there are any tops to match it or I will have to make something for it! :)

I did a few more steps on the "Barbara" ladies top from the Ottobre Women issue 2/2010. I am almost finished, might be able to finish it tomorrow.

A visit to Walmart helped me get boxes (file type) to fill up for each kid with their "creations" through the years. A few boxes to contain Alex's Little Pet shop stuff....

Finally, we went to Hobby Lobby and got two things...a photo box and a frame for our family picture....which we have had since mother's day...yep, I am really behind. :)

The photo box is now filled with picures that are ready and identified by year/month so I can scrapbook. I am only half done with this project, but am started and when I have it all organized, it will be much easier for me to be able to scrapbook them all. If I am organized and can only do one topic at a time, I am more likely to get it I want to make sure that I have all the pictures I need for it. I still have to find a few pictures from my husband's sd cards and possibly his computer....but them I will have them all organized on the backup harddrive and will have them all uploaded and ready to buy from snapfish. I am thinking I will buy the all at once from snapfish considering that you get free shipping over $30 and I already have 200 in the cart and it is growing!

I belive that my DH already went and put the family picture into the frame....

For tomorrow--fill the boxes with kid stuff and try to get things hung on the wall. If I get those things done, a bunch of clutter will be gone and that is the goal!

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