Monday, June 9, 2008

Sham Pocket Diaper

For right now, I am just putting up this jpeg for others to see...this is not my creation, but one from the Sewyourowndiapers group on Yahoo Groups. I am unsure who made the jpeg, but if you let me know, I will give her the credit due!

When I make it, I have a smaller front flap (in gray) and longer back (in pink) making the opening closer to the front.

I overlap the two fabric almost an inch, but when I use suedecloth, I add extra width to both parts of the inner fabric so there is more room to open and stuff. I don't actually do the curved edges for the overlap.

I love doing sham with the HHS as I can make the snaps hidden even when sewing the diaper and only putting snaps on at the end by doing the sham VERY far to the front. I have only done this with stretchy materials so far (microfleece/poly velour) but have a diaper waiting to be finished that will be with suedecloth, I hope it won't be too hard to stuff! :) Wait and see and I will post results!

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