Monday, May 5, 2008

Such a Soft Soft diaper--and Political thoughts of the day...

So I finally finished a few new diapers for Isaac...
This is the Hippy Hippy Snap pattern and I love it. I plan on and have cut out a TON of diapers to make using this pattern...for his larges to come, and for a few more mediums that I need because now that Alex is goin on the potty, we are not having to wash them so I need more to make it through, not to mention that I have 2 times more inserts for pockets then I need right now...and it drives me crazy having all those inserts not being used! is his super soft dipe! The outside is a micro poly velour laminated in Saphaire and the inside is red minky...what a striking dipe! LOVE IT!

Other thoughts for the day
Tomorrow we vote in Indiana, and I will be hitting the polls also...don't know if I will just be canceling out my husband's vote or not, (he always refuses to say who he votes for...and you can just never tell which side he is on b/c he is the perfect devil's advocate!) No matter the topic, no matter what, he will take the other side and defend it against you like he truely belives...he is good...I have been married to him for almost 9 years now and with him for 11 and I have NO idea how he voted in the last election, and still have no idea how he voted for this election! (oh...did I mention he is in Wales right now...he already did absentee ballot!) The only thing I do know for sure about his voting is that he voted to DITCH MITCH Daniels last general election...our IN gov...because Mitch drove huge tractors down a state highway and clogged up traffic to "meet and greet" during people's drive to work...thus making him late...Funny, I am sure Mitch did it to get attention...and he got Jim's...and never got his vote for it!

I am torn on the Demo vote for our Demo Gov. Candidate....serious have a problem with a Gov candidate who says in his ads that he is going to do something about the price of gas...REALLY...I had no idea that the Gov of Indiana had SUCH POWER!!! Wow...I feel that anyone who makes that claim without a very detailed plan that is talked about is just talking like a "politician" or like a "used car salesman"...or that general idea of tell them anything they want to hear to get your sale or their vote...REALLY, am I that stupid??? Are we??? Maybe, but because I feel he is just jumping on that political bandwagon about gas prices, I do feel he might be less then trustworthy and will not be getting my vote!

I will not say who is my Demo choice or who is getting my vote...because no matter what, either one in the White House is MOUNDS better then McCain, so either will get my vote in the Pres. Race....even if it won't count... :) Seeing that I live in IN, I would just be shocked if this state voted for a Demo president, but hey, history is currently in the making with the current demo maybe IN will make some serious history too by giving it's electoral votes to a Democrat for the first time in DECADES!!

My weight loss struggle!!! continues!

Last time I weighted myself, I was 195, down from 200.
I worked out for 33 mins today at the Y and burned 370 cal.
Would have tried to do more, but Isaac was crying too much and AGAIN, I was called to the nursery...I guess even Alex was hiding under the tables and crying a little, but she was a big girl and did go to the potty by herself there, although the helpers did have to go in and get her to help her with her pants...*Mental note* Make sure to have Alex wear loose clothing she can control on her own when going to the Y! :)
I haven't weighed myself today, but I am sure I have not risen, but hoping a slight fall. My goal is another 10 lbs before Jim comes home...of course I need to drink more water...I think that is my downfall...not enough water.
I guess I should try and post a picture of me at every 5 lb loss so I can start to see a difference...keep me humble and into the groove of getting off this weight. As an ex runner (ran a 1/2 marathon the summer before I first got prego!) this weight is killing my knees and I hate that I can't run (b/c it kills my knees!!) I am trying to control my food intake and do walking and hopefully adding the next few days....

alright, that is all and I am off for the night!

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Jen said...

Cute diaper! and congrats on the weight loss! Keep on keepin' on...or off in this case...Okay that wasn't as funny as it sounded in my head. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog!
Have a great Mother's day!