Tuesday, April 22, 2008

First Hippy Hippy Snap diaper on Isaac--Medium--at 13months

This is Isaac at 13m wearing a medium Hippy Hippy Snap (HHS) diaper. He is 20lbs and fits it at the medium setting (of the three snap settings on it)
It looked so small when I made it I never thought it would fit! But it did and perfectly...but while I wanted to wake him up to try it on...I held off the urge, but went ahead and made 3 more, but made them larges...he will eventually need those anyways, as all of Alexandra's diapers have been sold off--seeing how they were so girly anyways!!

I love the fit of the HHS.
I love the look of the HHS.
I loved loved the price of the HHS....$5 AND it was instantly here!!! (a pdf file)

Here is a link to the HHS blog and from there you can find where to purchase it!

The other thing that has impressed me the most was the fact that the HHS took the LEAST amount of fabric that I have ever seen to make the same size diaper!!!!

Over the weekend, I printed off the HHS pattern to make a NB and SM diaper pattern and grabbed my box of scraps of PUL. You know you all have them!! Mine were slotted to become either mama pads or wetbags*someday* :)

So I took them outside so the kids could play in the wonderful weather we were having...and I went to work...I made 14 NB diapers and 10 smalls out of my scraps--which were scraps b/c I couldn't get the CT diaper pattern or my own personal pattern to fit in those pieces!

Min Size Diaper cut needed to make...
Large: 14x18
Med: 12x17
Sm: 11x15.5
NB: 10x14

A great pattern to get the most for your buck when it comes to PUL and Microfleece or whatever!

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